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Service Review

All of us have difficult moments in life. Regrettably, college students do not get any pity from the instructors regarding them. You either do something or get expelled. Regrettably, in my Master’s course, I faced the same problem. Despite one of my family members getting seriously ill and requiring at least two weeks of care from me, no instructors were ready to assist me in any form or manner. The situation was genuinely infuriating and no one wanted to do anything about it. I didn’t even get a minor postponement of the deadlines for five large-scale essays. In this light, I made a decision to use the outlined website to receive a sample for completing a 5-page essay in Business Studies (deadline involved 6 days). Since I have used similar services in the past, I possess some understanding of the overall features and functions necessary for them. Thus, this WriteMyPapers review will offer a comprehensive answer to the following question: “Is the website worth using?” Spoiler: It is not!

About WriteMyPapers

writemypapers reviews

WriteMyPapers is a service that offers academic writing help, according to its website descriptions. Regrettably, I wasn’t able to find any information on the history of the platform. Still, I believe that the site is relatively old since it has a large number of specialists, 1712. More importantly, 1000+ experts hold some advanced degrees, according to the website. Over the years it has prepared more than 121000 orders. In short, the company behind WriteMyPapers seems to be well-developed concerning the essay writing service business. Today, the site offers a large range of deadlines for its average customers. You can try out the following options: 

  1. 14 days;
  2. 10 days;
  3. 6 days;
  4. 3 days;
  5. 2 days;
  6. 24 hours;
  7. 12 hours;
  8. 6 hours;
  9. 3 hours.

A usual collection of guarantees (they will receive discussion further) common for such websites is also present. In short, the service seems to follow the traditions of creating academic papers.

Write my papers review: Service Features

WriteMyPapers has several features that are notable and represent good standards of essay help:

  1. No tolerance for plagiarism. The service promises to provide you with original papers. I can confirm that this part of the promise is indeed correct. However, most good sites maintain a 100% originality policy, making WriteMyPapers one among the many no-plagiarism online platforms. This feature is ultimately insufficient for winning a contest between different custom writing services.
  2. Wide customization options. You can choose between different options to customize the price for your orders. This approach allows getting a paper at a price I genuinely can call cheap.
  3. High level of confidentiality. WriteMyPapers website ensures your confidentiality through the use of secure payment services and active safety measures. The feature is nothing special, but it is reassuring. However, as I will show, it has some significant downsides that completely undermine the overall logic of the approach. 

In general, I like the overall features that WriteMyPapers offers. Still, as the further section will show, the service tends to feature many negative practices within it.

Pros and Cons

Above all, I want to list some of the positives regarding the WriteMyEssay service. There are two of them:

  • Many payment services. I genuinely liked the fact that you can choose from a tremendous number of payment options. This approach helps you to remain more or less confidential in the analyzed case.
  • A wide choice of deadlines. When I wanted someone to write my essay, flexibility was undoubtedly among the key criteria. WriteMyPapers undoubtedly delivers on this important aspect. You genuinely have a very wide range of choices regarding the service.

Still, some significant downsides exist in the presented case too:

    1. Feedback is lacking. For a long time, I couldn’t understand whether someone took my order. The user interface on the website is unintuitive and confusing. I learned that someone started work on my paper only after directly calling the support specialists. That’s definitely not a top experience.
  • The delivery is slow. I gave the service six days to deliver my paper. Indeed, they did provide it to me. However, I received the material right at the end of the deadline. Why is that bad? Regrettably, the approach gave me no chance for major revisions. I had to immediately start using the sample to complete my own work. As a result, some errors crept into the overall structure of the paper.
  • Grammar and formatting were somewhat substandard. For a paper rated as being professional, I definitely did not get sufficient quality in the presented case. My essay had some grammar errors and spelling uncharacteristic of the USA region. APA formatting errors were also a common thing in the presented case. Ultimately, I had a feeling that someone forgot to proofread my order in a more or less responsible manner.
  1. Confidentiality issues. Even though the payment services in WriteMyPapers are good from the standpoint of security, I had a very negative impression of the obligation to provide personal information. The service asks for it in a very obsessive manner. As a result, I had no choice but to reveal some data about myself. This approach is certainly far from being healthy from the standpoint of customer security.

All in all, the presented service appears to have some large-scale problems.

WriteMyPapers Writers

writemypapers writers

Generally, I had a negative impression of the writers of the WriteMyPapers website. Firstly, they do not seem to be very welcoming of newcomers. I did not receive any greeting message from my essay writer. For the majority of the time, I was kept entirely in the dark regarding all processes. Secondly, the individual in question delivered my paper right at the deadline. The approach is acceptable in case of some short deadlines; however, they had 6 days to complete my order! After looking at the file metadata, I found out that it was written three hours before the official completion date. To add salt to the injury, I specifically asked the support specialists to provide me with their best expert. If that’s the best writer, what about the average ones? In short, I am highly disappointed in the presented case.


There are two trends that I have managed to notice in the presented case:

  1. Low prices for a long deadline. If you give WriteMyPapers 14 days for completing an order, you can enjoy probably one of the lowest prices on the market, 19 dollars per page (Master’s level). Thus, a person who needs essays for some long-winded course can undoubtedly benefit from the service.
  2. Prices for shorter deadlines are above those in other services. For a 1-page (!) Master’s paper with a three-hour deadline, this site asks at least 56 dollars. Other services are not that much better in this regard but they offer somewhat more palatable costs. Indeed, with some promo code options and discounts, the situation can get better. Still, considering the lackluster quality, the approach is not worth it. There are better places in which you can buy an essay.

WriteMyPapers org review: Guarantees

Today, the service offers many guarantees. They seem to be relatively classical:

  1. Free revisions. Didn’t try this one but the testimonies say that WriteMyPapers experts can redo any paper if something is wrong with it.
  2. Money-back guarantee. Didn’t test this one either but the general online feedback is also positive. However, here, as always, the managers may be biased towards the average writers. Thus, the process of getting funds back can be problematic.
  3. No plagiarism + confidentiality. I spoke about those two and see no reason to go further. The site is laudable for having its own anti-plagiarism platform, but, at the same time, does not do enough for customer privacy.

Customer Support

writemypapers support

WriteMyPapers support specialists are one of the positive elements in the service. Firstly, this part of the business works 24/7. I was able to call the individuals during night time and they answered without any protests. Secondly, the overall tone of communication was incredibly nice. I genuinely liked it. At the same time, I urge you not to believe the positive reviews that say everything is perfect with support specialists. I had to wait for twenty minutes after reaching their hotline, for example. It is not bad, considering the non-urgent nature of the order. Still, I have seen better services in the past. For a website this big, WriteMyPapers could have definitely invested more into support.

Is WriteMyPapers Legit or Scam?

Now, let’s transition to the final important question about WriteMyPapers: is it legit or scam? I’d say that it is more or less legit. Indeed, all the talks about the outstanding quality are a lie. I am quite sure that many of the writers are college students, not unlike me. Still, you will definitely get a paper if you order from this site. The only scam here is the aggressive and overly positive advertising.

Writemypapers reviews: Conclusion

All in all, the WriteMyPapers website disappointed me a lot. I heard very positive feedback about it. Most likely, it was nothing but a fake advertisement. Yes, you will most certainly get a paper of moderate quality from the service. However, a question arises in this case: why not use the services that offer outstanding quality? There are really many of them. For this reason, I won’t use WriteMyPapers again.


Is writemypapers.org legit?
Yes, writemypapers.org is legit. It’s a website that has been around for quite some time, and you can read the testimonials on its website. We worked with them, and they delivered the paper we requested on time. So, we can conclude that it is definitely a real website.
Is writemypapers.org reliable?
Yes, writemypapers.org is reliable: even though we had several issues with placing the order, it all turned out well in the end. The writers met the deadline we provided and gave us the price that the automatic calculator offered.
Is writemypapers.org a scam?
No, writemypapers.org isn’t a scam. It’s a professional writing service that mainly has a stable list of writers with whom it collaborates to meet the customers’ needs. You can check all the information on this service on their website and contact the support team for more facts on them.
Is writemypapers.org safe?
Yes, writemypapers.org is an entirely safe academic writing service that follows the same security regards and interests as most popular websites you can visit and use to your advantage. You can pay and browse through the website without any worries.
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