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Updated: 13/02/2023
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Author: Jeff Turner
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  • STEM disciplines only
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Service Review

Reading a thorough review with client testimonies is the best way to determine if a service suits your needs, so I decided to share details of my cooperation with the Assigncode company. After all, many students have circumstances similar to mine, when the job, personal issues, or other factors keep getting in the way of studying. As it currently stands, using help from specialized websites to complete papers and assignments is the best way to get support with my learning and save time.

Still, anyone worries when they need to find a new provider to purchase something, especially if the matter is as delicate and important as education. I have already used the examples from this service to improve my own texts, so in this Assigncode review, I want to share my experience with other students and help them to make the final choice.


assigncode review is a company that provides top-quality academic support to students who need help with their learning. The service is mainly oriented toward customers who study STEM disciplines, so you can order programming, mathematics, chemistry, and other assignments at their website. You can receive answers to theoretical questions or solutions to calculating problems and choose a suitable deadline and task size.

When you order at this assignment writing service, you have to create an account at their website (or log into your old one, if you’re a returning customer, like I am!). The service doesn’t ask for too many personal details, but you need to provide your email address to place the order properly. However, the service also provides guarantees that protect you from any issues with your confidentiality or finances.

Service Features

Assign Code definitely offers a number of attractive features, and when I ordered there for the first time, I wasn’t sure if they would stay true to their word. However, time proved these suspicions void as I was satisfied with each collaboration experience. You can customize your order, choosing various options in the specialized form and uploading additional instructions.

An important aspect is the possibility to communicate with the customer support manager or your expert. You can write to them before you approve one of them to complete your order or afterward to discuss the progress of the task. Moreover, you can receive your assignment example by parts to ensure that the order corresponds to your requirements and ask for amendments if needed. These factors make this company sound like an excellent assignment help provider. However, I know how important it is to double-check everything, so let’s take a look at the details of their service.

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Pros and Cons

My whole experience of co-working with Assign Code proved the trustworthiness of this company: from the transparent pricing policy to the quality of expert help. Hence, I can easily list the pros of cooperative work with this service:

  • Professional quality of work notes that they offer only proficient experts from all corners of the world, and based on the quality of my assignment examples, I believe that. Their work is definitely up to par with college and university-level professionals, so I can easily take pointers from their examples.

  • A number of supportive guarantees

When I first found this site, I was worried about being scammed for money or sold a low-quality task example. However, Assigncode provides guarantees to protect its clients, offering to correct any discrepancy with the instructions for free or return the payment.

  • An extensive selection of deadlines

Sometimes I need to work on my assignment ASAP, or I have some time and want myself and my expert to dedicate it all to the task. You can choose a suitable deadline and discuss it with your expert to ensure that you will have extra time on your hands.

  • All kinds of disciplines

The website focuses on STEM disciplines, so you can choose practically any of them depending on your assignment. Whether I had difficulties with my major subject or needed to make up my side skills, I could find help here without issue.

As you can guess from the rating and my satisfaction with this service, I didn’t encounter any issues during the whole time I worked with However, once when I put out a particularly hard order, it was difficult to find an expert who would complete it, and in the end, I had to pay a relatively significant sum. Of course, I agreed to this payment as I wanted to write my assignment and check it with a professional example, so I can’t say that the expert was unreasonable. After all, high-quality challenging work cannot be very cheap due to the amount of specialists’ efforts.

Assigncode Experts

assigncode experts

When you order from Assign Code, you can choose a suitable expert yourself. The website has a list of professionals with their abilities, credentials, and ratings described so that you can make an informed decision. Then you discuss the price and the details of your assignment or questions paper with the chosen expert and let yourself relax a bit since your work now is safeguarded by a specialist.

The website specifically notes that it hires writers from all around the globe, thoroughly checking their skills and subject proficiency. Given that I have received academic help here several times and was never disappointed (including the most difficult cases!), I can easily believe that each assignment writer I encountered here is an actual specialist in their field.

Assigncode com review: Prices

When you order at Assign Code, first you need to choose an expert and then decide on the price you are willing to give. You don’t have to pay anything before, so placing an order is free until you select the specialist who will complete it. After this, you don’t have to pay for a large task at once. I find it much more convenient to send the payment for the parts of your assignment that you receive. Firstly, this way, you can control the process and ask the expert to make corrections if needed. Secondly, it makes it easier to buy an assignment, if you don’t have to part with a significant amount of money at once. There are also discounts: first-time customers can receive a promo code for their order.


Guarantees are what makes you secure even in the case that something goes wrong with your order. Personally, I never used some of the guarantees presented because there was no need due to the quality of assignments, but knowing that I can put me at ease.

  • A confidentiality guarantee. I am not particularly eager to share my data with others, so using a service that has a protected website and doesn’t use my information excessively is my best choice.
  • A revision guarantee. If I notice that my expert didn’t follow the assignment’s instructions, all I need to do is explain the problem to a manager so I’ll receive a file with corrections.
  • A money-back guarantee. Of course, if the task cannot be revised, I’ll receive a refund.
  • Original assignments. The website promises that all your custom task examples are completed from scratch without reusing anything.

Customer Support

assigncode contacts provides several options of contacting a customer support manager or your expert online. First, you can write to managers through email or call them anytime to receive help with any questions you might have about the service and your tasks or assignments. Next, you can communicate with your experts anytime through a messenger to better deliver your expectations about the order. The website itself is also very client-oriented. It is convenient as it has an intuitively understandable structure and a pleasant design. At the site you can find information about the company, its experts, and reviews from other clients.

Is Assigncode Legit or Scam?

Now that you’ve read about my impressions about this website, I think you can guess an answer to the question you asked: Assigncode Is It Legit or Scam? Since my first order, I have never encountered any attempts on misleading or fraud at this website. The transparent policies, convenient guarantees, and supportive managers and experts make each ordering experience perfectly pleasant and safe. I also received each of my tasks on time, some of them even before the deadline.

I’m pretty sure that scam sites won’t provide the customers with free revisions or refunds. Nor would they provide me with perfect assignments which I could use to improve my understanding of the subject. Hence, I am convinced that this website is fully legitimate and actually helpful to students.

Assigncode reviews: Conclusion

During my cooperation with Assign Code, I found that this website is the best option I could have ever found: that’s why I rated them so high. The freedom of choosing an expert and setting my own price is a nice experience, and the consistently high quality of my assignments secures my excellent impression each time. The service never disappointed me, and I have worked with other similar companies in the USA, never receiving the same level of satisfaction. Hence, I would only recommend trying to use the help of experts from Assigncode and hope that you will be happy with their services as much as I am.

Assigncode Review Jeff Turner



Is legit?
Yes, is a legit programming homework service that supports students in their struggle to learn how to code. It has a long history of dedicated help. It works with all types of customers on solving the most common problems they might have.
Is reliable?
Yes, is a reliable website where you can ask for help anytime. You can place orders with it and get outstanding results. We were extremely happy with the outcomes as we received them: everything was done with the utmost attention to detail.
Is a scam?
No, is not a scam. It provides free revisions and a money-back guarantee if necessary, and it isn’t the kind of website where you pay and never see your helpers again. You can easily work with them on anything you need and have a great quality of work.
Is safe?
Yes, is a 100% safe place for any learner and struggling programmer who wants to enhance their skills. You won’t need to worry about your anonymity or confidentiality on the website because it values its customers’ trust.
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