About Project-Regards.org

We’ve created this website to help students worldwide find paper writing services that match their needs while avoiding scammers. We know the struggles that learners face, so we’re dedicated to giving honest reviews of real businesses in this sphere. We always check writing services for quality and speed so you can make informed choices as a customer. Meet our team and learn more about the people who help you find reliable writing websites.

Our mission

The Project-Regards.org team gathers the information submitted by other users and conducts our own research so that you always have detailed answers. We do our best to help you find the right essay service on your first try instead of relying on the trial-and-error approach.

We focus on telling you the details about the paper services you can choose from. There are many questions you can’t answer until you’ve actually tried using such a website. For example, what is the average delivery time? How good are they at following instructions? Where do most writers hail from?

Douglas Chester

Hello✋ I’m Douglas Chester, and this is my website. After I cooperated with several essay mills, I saw that many of my fellow learners needed help when trying to choose the right service. That’s why I’m determined to help them avoid scammers. As a student, I worked on a massive project dedicated to a topic I was passionate about, but when they suddenly cut my funding, there was no way for me to continue. This website is about giving my dream a second chance by helping you out!

Jeff Turner

Hi, I’m Jeff, a content manager of Project-Regards. My job is to make sure that all our reviews are well-written and to communicate with our users. I’ve been helping Douglas bring you pleasant-to-read and useful articles since day one, which is more than 3 years now. Wanna know which paper writing services are good and which ones are a scam? Then I’m your guy!

Martha Fredericks

Hello, I’m Martha, and I designed Project-Regards.org. My responsibilities cover both user-friendly design and all technical aspects. I do my best to keep our website easy to navigate and bug-free. I’m always open to suggestions, so if you see that something can be improved or want to report a technical hiccup, come straight to me!