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Updated: 14/02/2023
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Author: Jeff Turner
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Service Review

In the presented CheapWritingService review, you will get all the necessary information about the website. Finding something palatable today is not as easy as it sounds. Many companies are out there to engage in genuine scam. Today, however, I have found an option that can be perfect for many students. is among the websites that truly deliver high-quality service for their customers. Indeed, as further analysis will show, not everything is perfect. Still, I can most definitely say that the service is of high quality and capable of satisfying most of your needs. Personally, I have ordered a 10-page paper with a 14-day deadline in Linguistics and I am highly satisfied. Let’s go through a description of the key services then!

cheapwritingservice review

About is a site of a company with at least several years of experience in academic writing help. It offers assistance with more than 75 disciplines and completes 600+ papers daily. In short, the overall scope of the service makes it stand out among similar sites on the Internet, which often work with significantly lower expertise. Generally, my experience with the interface of the essay writing service was highly positive. I had no problems finding all the functions necessary for me. Thus, in terms of the overall presentation, CheapWritingService offers a more or less top opportunity for all clients. You will find the interaction with some basic elements of the service truly enjoyable.

Cheapwritingservice Reviews: Service Features provides many ways to customize your essay help experience. Above all, I liked the opportunities to choose some additions to your order. The primary option is the ability to get a so-called Smart Paper. Indeed, it raises the price of the services. Still, you get a great thing in return: a writer will offer their comments on the academic writing practices used in your papers. If you ever wanted to learn the best techniques of essay preparation, now’s your chance. I also liked the opportunity to get the examples of essays your writer prepares. If you want to understand what sort of quality to expect, that’s just a perfect choice for all your writing needs. Another great service is the ability to get sources from your paper. If you pay a rather minor sum, the expert in the service will also provide all of the information he or she found online. Lastly, you can also ask for the so-called progressive delivery. If you need to prepare an assignment in different parts, getting samples can be very convenient since you would approve diverging aspects of the material one after another. Generally, the scope of the opportunities you have in this site is genuinely large and great.

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Pros and Cons

Here are some positives of the service in question:

  1. Great quality. What I got was a truly good paper. My 10-pager answered all of the key questions I got in college, helping me to prepare my own paper via the use of the sample. Claims about the service I have heard from others also more or less confirm the outlined information. You get custom papers that are just good there.
  2. Speed of delivery. My paper got delivered in 5 days rather than the 14 I asked for. Thus, I will undoubtedly ask CheapWritingService to write my essay again. The velocity of service delivery is simply too good to ignore.

Still, I have also managed to find some negatives:

  1. They don’t always find a writer for you. Sometimes, the company simply doesn’t have an expert that can suit your needs. The problem typically involves unclear instructions. My initial attempt to order met a problem of rather chaotic and badly written directions. As a result, I managed to find a writer only after completely redoing the description of the task.
  2. Sometimes, the guys don’t follow deadlines. As the site statistics show, only 98% (or something like that) of the orders get delivered before the deadline. Regrettably, some extreme cases are more than possible. After all, even a war can break out while your writer is doing something. So, relying on this service is a great idea but you have to be constantly alert.

Cheap Writing Service Review: Writers

cheapwritingservice writers

The presented company has a strong team of experts today. My experience here was almost impeccable. The writer who worked on my order immediately contacted me to clarify all the instruction issues and was amicable. More importantly, the English of his/her essays was very good even though I did not ask for a native writer option. Here, the outlined service is absolutely satisfying: Cheap Writing Service offers you one of the best essay writer teams I have seen.

I also liked the ability to choose different types of writers. Firstly, you have an option of asking for advanced or top 10 experts. In this way, you can ensure that only the people rated genuinely well write your essay. While the option is more expensive than the others, you get an opportunity to enjoy the services of true professionals. Secondly, as mentioned previously, you can ask to get a native speaker. Personally, I see no point in this approach. Still, if you’re one of the native speaker believers (you shouldn’t be like that, though), has some great options for you.


One of the greatest strengths of CheapWritingService is undoubtedly the cheap cost at which you can buy an essay. The service fully justifies its title. I have ordered papers from several other websites in the past: none of them gave a chance to get prices that good. For my second-year college paper, I have paid only 120 dollars. In other services, this sum would have undoubtedly amounted to 150 dollars or more. Considering that these guys also provide a very good quality, I hardly see a reason not to use the service. And, don’t forget about promo code and coupon discounts. The price I got can become even cheaper. Especially, if you are a first-time user or a return customer. The service comes at a truly low price today. Guarantees

The service in question offers several important benefits for its customers that ensure long-term safety. Here are some of them:

  1. Free revisions. If you don’t change anything in the original instructions (in that case, paid options exist), you will obtain a chance to ask for gratis remakes. Just ask a writer to introduce some changes to structure or wording and they will perform the necessary work.
  2. Money-back guarantee. If the service doesn’t find you good writers in, for example, the USA, they will return your money without any hesitation. Similarly, if you decide to cancel an order before its completion, you will also get your funds back with no questions asked. Generally, I felt that my funds were very safe in the presented case.
  3. Confidentiality. These guys don’t collect any major information about you. In fact, it is entirely possible to not even list a phone number (I don’t recommend this approach, though). The utilized payment services are also great: you get to use the safest banking services out there.
  4. Full originality. CheapWritingService also does much to ensure that you get papers without plagiarism. Thus, as I have found out, they test all of the materials for plagiarism before sending them to you.

Customer Support

cheapwritingservice support

From what I know, the support specialists of Cheap Writing Service have extremely positive reviews. After communicating with them personally, I can understand why that’s the case. These people are very friendly. Even though my questions were truly annoying and I was far from being polite, they answered in a totally appropriate and informative manner to me. I also know that they work 24/7. According to some testimonies, contacting the individuals is possible at any time of the day. Consequently, as mentioned previously, you will never feel abandoned here. There’s always someone to help you with all the questions related to the everyday functioning of the service in question.

Is Legit or Scam?

I truly liked the service of the presented website. After all, I genuinely got exactly what I expected. The expert delivered my paper well before the deadline. More importantly, I was in constant contact with them during all the process. The opportunity to call the support specialists or cancel the order at any time was highly convenient too. In this light, the already traditional question about CheapWritingService, “Is it legit or scam?”, has an easy answer: it is most definitely legit. You will get a great paper after asking for the services of the company. At the very least, my experience was definitely like this.


To summarize, I want to offer a score of 4.6 out of 5 for CheapWritingService. As I have already said before, I got exactly what I was looking for in the service. These guys delivered me a paper of great quality fast. More importantly, the prices were generally low for something as complex as the order I had. The only reason why I lowered the points has to do with potential troubles of finding a writer and missing a deadline. These things are rare and are present in every service but I can’t simply ignore them. Still, I definitely will order again from the site.

CheapWritingService Review Jeff Turner



Is legit?
Yes, is legit. It’s a website with a unique profile that focuses on a broad range of writing topics from research papers to case studies. It’s a place where you can order almost anything, so you needn’t worry about working with them. We’ve got you covered.
Is reliable?
Yes, is a reliable platform where you can get both urgent and long-term support. The writers will write as much as you’ve asked them to, and they will readily adjust the text to your needs.
Is a scam?
No, isn’t a scam. This website promises free revisions if their writer doesn’t meet the initial requirements, and they are ready to write you any number of pages if it is physically possible. We’ve also noticed that the writers often write ahead of time.
Is safe?
Yes, is safe. It follows all the safety guidelines that we consider crucial. It doesn’t use any private data and doesn’t share it with any other parties. In general, the website takes safety precautions quite seriously. We didn’t have anything to complain about.
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