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Updated: 13/02/2023
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Author: Jeff Turner
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Service Review

Finding a good service for your learning needs is difficult. We all have issues in our life that can impede proper learning. The reason why I decided to try out primarily had to do with my burnout. I work a lot in addition to my studies and, as a result, going further with some essays would have been too damaging for my health. I got five of them all due in one week. After barely completing four, I understood that I did not feature sufficient power to continue. To write a good paper, I needed some outside assistance. Generally, I can say that my impressions are highly positive. As you will see from this ThePensters review, my experience with the 3-page essay in Political Science proved to be outstanding. Using the sample provided by the website, I have managed to complete the task with very good results.


thepensters review

According to the descriptions on the company website, ThePensters is an essay writing service with at least 2 years of experience on the market. Currently, it has 700+ writers and has prepared more than 17500 pages of content for the students. Today, the service offers papers in a tremendous number of disciplines, which include both Humanities and even some STEM-related subjects. The range of the deadlines available to the average clients is also rather significant. You can essentially set any timeframe (bear in mind, however, that extremely short deadlines (an hour or two) may create difficulties with finding the writer). All of the orders undergo a bidding process. Various writers will set their prices and, as a result, you will be able to choose the most optimal result for yourself. is among the websites that let the market-related processes decide everything. I genuinely like this. The site gave me the freedom I wanted.

Service Features

I can note several important features that make a good service:

  1. High dedication to quality. I called the support team on the website to talk about quality. They’ve told me that all writers undergo constant tests and checks. In the end, I have all the reasons to believe these people when it comes to my papers. Many writers have outstanding user scores that genuinely transition into great essays (as my case proves).
  2. No plagiarism. As someone who finds the use of such services a somewhat uncomfortable experience due to risks, I have also decided to ask the support team about this issue. As I have found out, the company offers a high level of originality and promises to refund all cases that involve plagiarized materials. All of the materials are custom and original (from scratch).
  3. Fast response time. Both the writers and the customer support answer always immediately, I had a rather short deadline, eight hours. For this reason, I needed to know whether the writer had begun work on my order. In this regard, the presented essay help service did not disappoint. I got almost immediate responses from everyone. This is undoubtedly a top experience that one cannot find on all sites.

All in all, the key features of the service in question are downright outstanding. I am not surprised that it is rated so well.

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Pros and Cons

When I asked ThePensters to write my essay sample, I noted several pros and one minor drawback. 


  1. Urgent deadlines. If you need something really fast, ThePensters is undoubtedly one of the best services to consider. Writers are ready to take really short bids as long as some task falls within the expertise. Personally, I will try to be more strategic with placing the orders in the future. Nonetheless, if you’re desperate, the presented website is a perfect path towards resolving some of your college problems.
  2. Wide range of disciplines. From what I have personally seen, you can find experts that work with a tremendous number of topics. Political Studies, Economics, Literature, History, and Business Studies are only a small list of subjects with which you can get help online. Therefore, the service is a good idea for any person that wants some help with Humanities-related tasks.
  3. High level of confidentiality. Lastly, I liked all the measures that the website takes to make you anonymous. Firstly, they use the safest payment methods available in the USA. Secondly, both the writers and the customers can remain anonymous. For example, no one asks you for a real name. A pseudonym works perfectly.

Cons: I have found only one problem. Since writers bid for your order, something excessively difficult may find no interest or an extremely high price. The approach is just, but it can make the use of the service regarding some difficult courses a pricey experience.

ThePensters Writers

thepensters writers

If you go to the website of, you can find an essay writer list there. As you may see, the key experts of the business are highly proficient and get outstanding reviews. The average customer reviews for a vast majority of individuals are extremely positive. In this regard, as mentioned above, you can choose from more than 700 specialists. In this way, there is a path towards getting a paper at a reasonable price or finding someone with genuinely outstanding academic regalia. I also want to note the friendliness of the writer with whom I worked. In this regard, the individual immediately greeted the author with a message, informing me about the start of the work and asking several questions about the instructions. The experience was genuinely transparent and positive, in my opinion. Generally, I had a feeling that I worked with professionals in this case.

Thepensters com review: Prices

The prices, as I have mentioned previously, get defined on the market. Indeed, something excessively difficult can get a rather unbearable price tag. Still, if you have a task of average or moderately high difficulty, it is logical to expect something similar to my experience. For my 3-page paper with an 8-hour deadline, I paid approximately 80 dollars (however, without the first-time-user discounts, I would have paid 100). Indeed, this price is not the most liberal on the market. Nonetheless, I am highly satisfied because you get quality for it. More importantly, there is also a path towards getting your papers cheap. Above all, try long deadlines. I tested the writer search interface and can definitely say that my 100 dollar paper would have cost me 50 dollars or even less had I prolonged the deadlines to 7 or 14 days. A good idea is to also find some promo codes that the site generously gives away. All in all, whether ThePensters would be cheap or not depends on your choices. You can buy an essay at a very low price if you use the proper strategy.

ThePensters Guarantees

Today, the website in question offers many positive guarantees to the customers. They include the following elements:

  1. Free revisions. If your request doesn’t involve new instructions or go beyond the page limit, you can expect to get help with the modifications to the content without any questions. Personally, I did not use this service but many testimonies speak of it positively.
  2. Money-back guarantee. In this case, the service is ready to give your money back no questions asked if, for example, you decide to cancel orders before the completion. As for the other cases, I have no knowledge. However, as I understand, some form of internal review occurs in case something goes wrong.
  3. No plagiarism and high level of confidentiality. Since I have mentioned those two before, no need to go further exists. It’s exactly what they say on the tin. In this respect, my experience proved to be highly positive.

Customer Support

thepensters contacts

Considering how good the support team of ThePensters is, I find positive reviews for the website unsurprising. Firstly, I liked that the individuals in question are available 24/7. You can call at any time and there will always be someone to answer your requests. Secondly, my experience of communication is perfect. I spoke with two different specialists and both of them offered very positive and friendly responses. In short, undoubtedly has one of the best customer support services.

Is ThePensters Legit or Scam?

Many people who are reading about various essay help services have one question in mind: “Is it legit or scam?” In the case of ThePensters, the answer is obvious: the site is legit. I got an outstanding paper sample from it. Many other people on the Internet get the same thing. In short, I recommend it to everyone who wants to get a high-quality paper at a reasonable price (bear in mind my recommendations).

Thepensters reviews: Conclusion

To summarize, I want to say that my overall impression of is extremely positive. In many ways, I would gladly continue using the service. I know that it provides great quality and offers many great guarantees. The only factors to always consider include deadlines. If you want to use the service, a good idea is to pick the deadlines that are as long as possible (just make sure that you don’t lie to the writers). Using this lifehack, you can get one of the cheapest services out there.

ThePensters Review Jeff Turner



Is legit?
Yes, is a legit platform of academic assistance to students and learners of all kinds. It specializes in writing on a majority of serious topics and can assist you with almost any writing-related task you might have. It’s a website that has been around for only 2 years, but the website aims at a new vibe in writing.
Is reliable?
Yes, is a very reliable service that has lots of guarantees you can receive as a reward for your trust. You can pay for your order after you approve it, and it’s a great option for many clients. The website shows that it has more than 700 writers available, which is a pretty impressive number if you ask us.
Is a scam?
No, is not a scam. It’s one of the most trustworthy websites out there: it has written over 17,000 pages and has a customer rating available on many review platforms. When working with, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s one of the best places to collaborate with.
Is safe?
Yes, is a safe place for many customers because it provides both anonymity and security. You don’t risk anything when you give minor details about yourself during the registration and when you pay for the order. In any situation, everything you do is safely protected by the website.
ThePensters review
Rating: 5.0
The review on Project Regards offers a comprehensive overview of ThePensters, covering all the key features and services. It was exactly what I needed to feel confident in choosing them for my writing projects.
process of working with ThePensters
Rating: 5.0
I found the review to be very clear and detailed. It explained the process of working with ThePensters in a step-by-step manner, which was incredibly helpful for a first-time user like me
Rating: 4.0
What stood out to me was the balanced evaluation in the review. It highlighted both the strengths and areas for improvement, giving a well-rounded perspective that I could trust.
quality of work
Rating: 5.0
The insights into the quality of work provided by ThePensters were particularly valuable. The review's assessment of the writers' expertise and the examples of their work gave me confidence in their service
user experience in the review
Rating: 5.0
The focus on user experience in the review was great. It covered everything from website navigation to customer support, ensuring I knew what to expect and how to get the best out of ThePensters' service
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