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Author: Douglas Chester
  • Pay in 2 parts adds to affordability
  • Enjoy multiple communication channels to get quality
  • Higher prices for urgent orders

Service Review

Whereas customers who have purchased professional help from EssayLib offer first-hand experience, their feedback is often a few statements, if not one! You can’t blame them for limited review owing to their time constraints as they strive to balance academics and other important things in life, such as part-time jobs, to gain hands-on experience. It’s for this reason that I opted to offer an exhaustive review of this website on the basis of a 4-page essay I purchased.

EssayLib Overview

EssayLib Review

When I visited the official website, I was sure I would receive academic help on my 4-page essay that could either meet or exceed my expectations. One of the underlying rationales concerns access to the best expert without incurring additional charges. What’s more, EssayLib’s operation for more than eight years depicted their innovation in navigating obstacles that might undermine the quality of the final delivery. For that reason, I selected “Graduate” as an academic level for my 4-page essay on “The Moral and Socioeconomic Importance of Physician-Assisted Suicide,” with 48 hours of delivery. I used my Mastercard debit card to pay $144. I understand that I could have spent a lesser amount with a longer deadline, but I wanted to test their responsiveness when it comes to strict deadlines.

Quality of Service Received (10/10)

As stated on their website, my paper was human-written and plagiarism-free. As such, I can attest to the accuracy of EssayLib’s AI checker and anti-plagiarism checker. The writer who worked on my order followed the essay structure and met the word count. Surprisingly, the fifth page (counted as fourth after excluding the title page) was almost complete, with only two empty lines left. When I was a student, I experienced a scenario where an expert met the word count, but the physical page didn’t match my expectations, which is not the case at this time.

Another aspect that added to my satisfaction concerned the integration of scholarly sources published within five years. Rather than solely rephrasing the information from articles, the expert challenged the findings and devised unconventional ideas on the ethical and socioeconomic benefits of physician-assisted suicides. Such a technique suggests that the essay I received was unique, and the probability of having false positive AI-generated text is minimal.

Rating calculation

Considering that giving an overall rating of the service I received without specific criteria tends to be subjective, I used the following approach in my computation.

Criteria Highest Score Scored
Delivered on time 10 10
Plagiarism-free and human-written 10 10
Formatting 10 8
Update from the writer 10 8
Used recent, scholarly sources

and required number

10 10
Average 10 9.2

Whereas the format was perfect, I expected the writer to complete my work without level 2 headings. For that reason, I feel the expert scored 8 out of 10 in communication because of the failure to inquire about the structuring. However, including headings doesn’t mean the quality of the essay was substandard, as deleting them takes a few seconds.

Pros of Using EssayLib

1. Pay in 2 parts adds to affordability

As I had stated, I paid $144 for the 4-page graduate essay. Assuming I had only $80 and expected to receive $80 after 24 hours. I have two options at EssayLib. I can wait to order an essay after 24 hours, whereby I will part with $156. However, I can choose to order the same with pay in 2 parts. Here, the cost will be $75.6 for the first installment, and $75.6 for the second one, translating into $151.2. If I opt for the latter option, I will save $4.8. Imagine applying the same for a long order with a deadline of 14 days; how much can someone save?

2. Enjoy multiple communication channels to get quality

If you are or will join college in the United States or abroad, you’ll realize that professors often adjust instructions, especially when adding charts or amending the structure. In such situations, you will want new sources for referencing. With this understanding, EssayLib offers multiple channels of communication ranging from Live Chat and email to a number that you can call directly 24/7 to clarify or amend some parts of your instructions.

3. Activate money-back guarantee policy for convenience

While comprehensively reviewing the money-back guarantee policy for this company, I appreciated how it strives to safeguard the interests of customers. Imagine, due to panic associated with quickly approaching deadlines, you upload files with wrong instructions. However, after about an hour or two, you realize the mistake. If such a situation arises, you can contact the customer care. As long as the writer hasn’t started working on your paper, you’ll receive a full refund and use it to pay for a new one.

Cons of Using EssayLib

1. Higher prices for urgent orders

For example, in my case, I paid $144 for a graduate essay with a deadline of 48 hours (2 days). I could have saved $44 with a delivery time of 14 days and only $105 if I included a pay-in-2 plan for 14 days. Even though strict deadlines are costlier, I have a way of getting affordable services even if my budget is tight.

Final verdict

Regardless of discipline or academic level, I advocate getting help from this website. Ideally, clarifying instructions from the customer’s side, whatever minute it seems, is obligatory for the best experience in academic help.

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