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Updated: 13/02/2023
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Author: Jeff Turner
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  • Limited discounts
  • Confusing payment system
  • Obstructive support messages
  • Unintuitive site design

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Service Review

One of the most challenging aspects of essay writing is finding professional assistance, and many students do not have a clue how to begin their search for credible and legit services. There are further various challenges in choosing the best company that will offer satisfactory customer support with its 24/7 online availability. Also, it is difficult to find a website that will not be a scam and have fair customer ratings. is one of these online services that offer professional aid in essay writing for college students. 

About CollegeEssay

collegeessay review

CollegeEssay met my expectations and offered discounts with promo codes were the most attractive aspect of this company. However, I would like to pay more to receive better paper quality, and mediocre informational support with communications negatively affected the overall impression. It is necessary to admit other strengths and weaknesses of this essay writing service for making the whole representation of my experience.

Collegeessay org reviews: Service Features

  • Navigation and main features

The USA-based website provides essay help and mentorship to its clients, and the resource provides the premium quality and privacy that are the most valuable features of online services. My first impression of discovering denotes the excitement from the discount system and price calculator that is a necessary tool for making the final decision in choosing the services. The first minutes of browsing the website allowed me to find additional information related to the samples, reviews, and blogs. However, the same process became quite troublesome since the resource’s design is poorly organized and definitely not user-friendly. The first issue arose from navigation and search of relevant details in a confusing interface that overuses visuals and puts descriptions in a chaotic and repetitive order. Personally, I would prefer the minimalistic design with a focus on essential elements with blocks. CollegeEssay was disappointing in contrast to other websites regarding this concern. 


  • Noteworthy offers

I assume that one of the top features of this service denotes the seasonal promo code, and getting high-quality paper at a relatively cheap price is a great deal. I would make a minor spoiler and say that it was a good opportunity to finish my academic paper by using this discount. However, I would disagree with the claim related to the premium quality of papers, and this website is overrated. The received paper followed the instructions, though I would not agree that it was exceptional or unique. 

Pros and Cons 

  • Support

Nevertheless, difficulties began with the use of the mentioned above feature that is a price calculator. However, this button redirected me to the next page that required entering the phone number and email address. It was one of the confusing aspects in regard to the user experience, and the helpful function, which could give the advantage over other sites, became its main inconvenience. Also, the familiar same issue occurred with the online support button, though it was challenging to find this window. There were technical issues with starting the conversation with the support, and the sales manager further responded with a delay. I will further review the communication process in detail in a separate paragraph to highlight the main issues. Eventually, the manager strived to aid me by guiding me through the website, though most of these experiences consisted of cons. Although CollegeEssay wasn’t the best option to write my essay, I still got the paper and could use it as a draft further.

  • Paper quality

This matter questioned the confidentiality of services despite receiving my order within the deadline without late or revisions. I further made an order at a reasonable price, though I constantly faced inconveniences and minor issues. The paper quality met my expectations, and it followed the instructions. However, it would be necessary to add that the content was generic and lacked wholeness, and I compared it to the sample essays to prove this instance. 

CollegeEssay Writers

collegeessay writers

Essay writer further did not respond or react to my commentaries that also added confusion during the writing process. I tried to understand this concern since there could be a workload and differences in timelines. Eventually, it was difficult to agree that I get the custom essay, and there were problems in clarifying the information and getting help from the support. The paper did not contain plagiarized content, and it was important evidence that the writer was not an amateur. For instance, many students faced problems with plagiarism in their works, though services guaranteed that they would get a custom and unique work. Eventually, СollegeEssay writers are doing their best in regard to the essay help. 


  • Discounts

Discounts and promo codes are the positive part of personal experiences with CollegeEssay, and it is a decent approach to the bridging relationship between the service and potential customers. An opportunity to get a discount attracted my attention, and I decided to buy an essay and get academic assistance.

  • Thoughts on actual price without a discount

The previous paragraph mentions that the promo codes and discounts are the best part of customer services and personal experiences. However, the actual price hasn’t met my expectation, it was driven by deadlines that contrasted with the average pricing policies on related services. In addition to the average quality of the paper, I would reject this website’s proposals. 

  • Upfront payment

This feature in their services was another confusing part of my experience with this website, though it would be fair to admit that many services still use the same payment method. However, it contradicts the principle of the premium quality and 95% satisfaction of the services, including guarantees of this website. Most present-day services and businesses distanced from this practice since the definition of trust and confidentiality shifted to a different level. 

College essay review: Guarantees

I decided to emphasize and overview this part of the pricing policy of the company as it is a crucial indicator of its credibility. Also, guarantees are one of the core strengths of CollegeEssay. The website offers a flexible payment system with a 30-days money-back guarantee that is one of the positive features of this service. The customers’ testimonies assert that this service compensates or makes full returns in case of issues or disputes. 

Customer Support 

collegeessay support

  • Chatbots

The most confusing and partially frustrating part of the customer experience considers the communications. I decided to put it in a separate column to emphasize the biggest disadvantage of this service. It was further surprising that CollegeEssay service uses bots to communicate with customers, and they further were distracting and annoying regarding this concern. This instance further left a negative impression since I used to communicate with AI before reaching the manager. The popping-up chat window was intrusive and unpleasant that made this service look unprofessional. For instance, different unreliable and scamming websites use these methods to get in touch with the visitor to get confidential information.

  • Outdated and formal language

I can agree with the necessity to conversate with respect and maintain a communication culture, though the support was formal and robotic in the chat. This sense was familiar to the scripted situation, and the manager constantly used the phrases from the list. However, this approach is not natural and repulsive, and it is outdated for me. This site is highly rated for the overall quality, though this aspect is unsatisfactory. That’s the reason why I recommend reading reviews of writing services before ordering the paper.

Is EssayUSA Legit or Scam?

So, CollegeEssay, is it legit or scam? A noteworthy aspect is finishing the paper within the assigned deadline, and it does not require revisions. It is a big plus to since deadlines and revisions remain a big problem for other websites related to academic essay writing. The customer met the instructions, though it lacked comprehensiveness and creativity. Anyways, CollegeEssay is a reliable and credible company in regard to this concern, and it does not scam its customers. 

Collegeessay reviews: Conclusion

The primary issue with this website is its claims and position that do not match the actual quality of services. The website meets the potential customers with overwhelming information and design that simply distracts them from the initial purpose. Communications and pricing, especially the payment system, was below average, though the writer delivered the paper on time and followed the prompt. At the first glance, there are no significant problems with, and the service is legit. However, the difficulties start with the discovery of its main features, and they range from the price calculator and chat box to communications with the support and payments. All these aspects require improvements since they are slightly above the average and do not reflect a 95% satisfaction rate. 

The overall impression starts with the website’s browsing, and it would be better to change it and remove insignificant and distracting details. Communication, especially conversation with the support, was awkward, though the specialists were inclined to aid me and assist with placing the order. I mentioned that outdated and formal speech was the main difficulty in finding mutual understanding during the same process. This issue should be resolved and make the website relevant and modern in terms of listed problems. I would not recommend this service to others, though discounts would become the main compromise in choosing


Is legit?
Yes, is a legit website that helps students with different academic demands have their works completed based on their instructions. We’ve analyzed the website and contacted the support of this service, and we’re pretty sure that they’re a real website that assists learners with their needs.
Is reliable?
Yes, is reliable. We’ve read countless reviews on them, and we’re glad to announce that their service can be trusted with different writing assignments. However, pay attention to the writer and provide all the instructions you need to ensure that your expert understands what you want clearly.
Is a scam?
No, is not a scam. With years of working in the field, this writing provider has proven its trustworthiness and the ability to work with clients on a regular basis. If the number of reviews and the general rating speaks about anything, it shows that the service is identified as real.
Is safe?
Yes, is entirely safe, and you can count on them to complete your papers. The service uses a fast and reliable payment method, and you can work with them without fearing for your privacy. We didn’t notice anything amiss with them, and the privacy policies are quite clear.
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