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Service Review

We all have to search for some academic help at certain points in our lives. Finding some good websites is not easy, however. A lot of services are far from being good. This time, however, I have managed to find something genuinely great. offers a service of outstanding quality that you shouldn’t miss. In this EssayHave review, you will get a chance to find out about the key elements of my personal experience. In this regard, I have ordered a 4-page paper with a 5-day deadline in Political Science (Graduate level). Spoiler: I got exactly what I wanted.


essayhave review

I want to begin with the description of the service and the information I have found about it. EssayHave is a site that belongs to a business with fifteen years of experience in academic paper production. This essay writing service has more than 300 writers and offers assistance to students all over the world. As you may find out from its website, the company writes hundreds of essays every day. Ultimately, it offers many guarantees that genuinely ensure that you truly get something of high quality. Another great feature I can highlight is the website page of the service. I liked navigating it and had no issues with finding all the necessary information about my orders.

Service Features

I have found many strong features in the service of Above all, I like it for the opportunity to customize many aspects of essay help. Primarily, you get many deadline options. A person can choose from four-, eight-, and twenty-four-hour deadlines if urgent delivery becomes crucial. An individual may also target the deadlines that involve two, three, five, seven, and fourteen days.

Another thing I found to be great is the ability to choose some additional services that will help you with writing your own papers. Firstly, you can ask for a smart paper. Do you want to understand the thinking behind your sample? You can learn from top writers by asking them to write commentaries for your custom work. I did exactly that and I am utterly satisfied. What a nice way to see proper academic writing tips from top experts! 

Secondly, a cool option to consider is to ask for the copy of the sources. It is often difficult to find some information online. Getting some articles together with a writing sample was highly convenient (yes, I tried this service too). Lastly, if you have a large paper, progressive delivery is a possibility. You can fragment work into chunks and allow progress with them only after approval.

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Pros and Cons

I will definitely ask EssayHave to write my essay in the future. Here are some of the key pros:

  1. Great quality. The paper I got underwent strong proofreading and had a genuinely proper formatting. I am highly satisfied with this and truly want to get more samples from the company.
  2. Many subjects. offers help in academic writing, programming and calculations. I did not count the number of disciplines but there are definitely more than 60 or even 70. In short, the company will do their best to find a perfect writer for you.

Still, I will be dishonest if I don’t mention any flaws. Here are some of them:

  1. The company can fail to find a writer for you. Indeed, this issue occurs rarely from what I have heard. However, sometimes, no one may be willing to complete your order. In this regard, all college help sites are like this. The best practice in this case is to work on the clarity of the instructions. Writers have targets to meet and they typically don’t want to spend time on something that can’t be understood. Personally, I had no troubles with this issue.
  2. Some accidents are possible. Let’s be honest, we can’t predict this world. A tree can fall on the electric line near the writer’s house and the Internet there will stop working. In some extreme cases, getting a paper may be difficult due to unexpected events. After all, countries such as the USA are under the constant influence of, for example, extreme weather.

Essay Have reviews: Writers

essayhave writers

In, a good essay writer is what defines the service. Here, the company is impeccable. I have only heard good things about the ‘local’ experts and can fully confirm that they are correct. My writer, for example, immediately contacted me with a welcoming message after the confirmation and asked for all the necessary clarifications. The experience was truly very comfortable, in my opinion.

More importantly, provides many opportunities for choosing the best writers. You can pick the standard options or go for advanced and top 10 writers. Another cool opportunity is choosing between native and non-native speakers. Personally, I went for the former option because I had a very complex topic that dealt with a very specific issue that only Americans know. However, non-native writers are also pretty great, according to my friends’ testimonies. I have seen their paper samples and they are genuinely high-quality. If some of my readers are foreign students, the opportunity is especially great: you will learn from people who had to study English too.


I see this aspect as one of the potentially problematic things. Prices are not as cheap as they can be. While I definitely saw pricier services on the market, I cannot call very affordable if you plan to buy an essay. You get a great paper but be prepared to pay a good price for it. In my case, I had to spend 205 dollars with all the additional services. Still, I should say that the situation is not as bad as it looks. Firstly, without some extras I purchased (digital sources, native speaker writer, and smart paper), I could have saved at least 50 to 60 dollars. A basic service is far more affordable than something more advanced. Secondly, a good option is to choose a long deadline. If you go for a fourteen-day one, there won’t be any need to pay exorbitant prices. A basic service for my paper in this case would have cost only 108 dollars. Thirdly, you get a lot of promo code and coupon opportunities in the service. Discounts are sometimes genuinely nice. For example, first-time users get some significant decreases in prices. All in all, you have to be strategic regarding price in this case. The quality in this service leads to a relatively large price (not the highest though). Hence, using some tips and tricks I mentioned above is essential. review: Guarantees

From what I know, EssayHave offers the following set of guarantees for its customers:

  1. Free revisions. If you don’t change the instructions and just need some legitimate modifications, the writers are always there to help you with the papers. In case you need to genuinely change some of the original inputs, paid options for revision exist too.
  2. Money-back guarantee. If the company doesn’t find a writer for you or a sudden cancellation is necessary, getting your funds back is easy. One of my friends who used the service decided to cancel an order before its completion. According to his testimonies, EssayHave asked no additional questions.
  3. No plagiarism. also is very strict regarding originality. Support specialists reassured me that they have a thorough plagiarism checker. I can confirm this: my material was fully original.
  4. Confidentiality. No excessive information gets collected and the payment websites used are legitimate. In short, everything works well on this front.

Customer Support

essayhave support

It’s great. The guys work 24/7. I have once called them in the middle of the night and they immediately answered. No wonder the EssayHave reviews are so great. After all, you never feel abandoned in this service. There’s always someone friendly on that end of the line who will address all of your concerns. In my case, I managed to get all the necessary clarifications in my order within thirty minutes. The specialists have also contacted my writer to check on the progress at one point and got a response almost immediately. Generally, I am highly satisfied.

Is Legit or Scam?

EssayHave is definitely a great service. I got exactly what I wanted from it. My paper turned out to be outstanding and deserves to get perfectly rated in any college. Several friends of mine also had a similar experience. They got outstanding materials after ordering on the website. What’s the overall lesson we can get from all this? Well, it is that the question “Is it Legit or Scam?” has a simple answer: EssayHave is genuinely legit.

Essayhave reviews: Conclusion

All in all, I give a rating of 8.6 out of 10 in this case. It is a strong service in many respects. The guarantees and opportunities these guys offer are extensive. Quality is almost impeccable. Why did I not give 9.5 or something like that? Well, prices, as mentioned previously, are slightly above the minimal ones you can find. More importantly, EssayHave won’t always find a writer for you. Yes, there are ways to counter this tendency. However, when you need to get at least something, this approach can sometimes be disappointing. Still, everything else is great: I definitely recommend the site to everyone.

Essayhave Review Jeff Turner



Is legit?
Yes, is a legit custom writing service specializing in academic writing and providing professional help with creating high-quality essays. The website has a legitimate web address, and the writers online are always ready to answer the customers’ demands for help.
Is reliable?
Yes, is reliable. You can work with them without any worries. Our experience with this website showed that every element of their interface is comfortable to use, and that you receive exactly the type of solutions to the writing tasks you requested. They deliver on time.
Is a scam?
No, is definitely not a scam. The company has established itself as an honest one, and it doesn’t cheat or lie to its clients. Everything you receive is written from scratch. This website doesn’t have a pre-written list of topics, so every client gets individual treatment and support.
Is safe?
Yes, is safe to use and pay to. We noticed that the company has a pretty reliable and clear list of policies on data use, and the payment procedure was secure enough. Using this platform is 100% safe if you use the official address.
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