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Updated: 13/02/2023
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Service Review

It’s never been easy to find a writing service that can give students the quality they need for a good price. Still, many websites can actually correspond to your top expectations. Let’s dive into the EasyEssay Review and see if this site is any good for the students in the USA and other countries. If you want a very short version, I can say that it’s one of the top services for me.

About EasyEssay.us

easyessay review

After reading through the information on the site, I know that EasyEssay has been in business since 2008. That’s a promising figure because it shows that this essay writing service has got some experience on the market.

It has a commonplace system where you place the order, setting the deadline and uploading all the needed instructions in the process. The clients can pick the academic level that ranges from high school to Ph.D. You can also leave individualized comments, for example, “please use simple language.” Then you have to rely on the organization because it’s their responsibility to find an expert who’ll complete the paper. Many sites that specialize in academic help operate like that, letting you sit back and wait until the result arrives.

This specific service says it’s got more than 500 writers to assist learners with as many as 75 different subjects. That means you’re very likely to get help fast, and there mustn’t be any issues. In addition, this organization stresses the importance of deadlines a lot, which means they’ll do their best to take no more time than you’ve given them. Let’s see if these claims could pass a practical test.

Easy Essay us reviews: Service Features

I ordered a psychology paper that was five pages long to see first-hand how good the EasyEssay service is. I selected a 24-hour deadline, and got a pleasant surprise—a 20% discount for my first order. I think that’s a strong feature for any site, especially the one that offers essay help. 

It’s important to note that I saw various paper types while choosing the one I needed. They include assignments, which, according to the site, can be about calculations or presentations. This service also offers custom research papers and theses. However, I wanted just an argumentative essay, and what I got was amazing. It arrived 10 hours before the deadline, all the instructions were followed, and the Smart paper add-on that I bought for an extra fee explained every structural part through comments. That’s how I found out a lot of useful information about topic sentences and thesis restatement. 

I also think that the Copy of sources service could be useful since it allows customers to receive all the articles and books the writer has cited for just $14.95. Next time, I’ll be sure to order that one. I’m completely confident that it’ll prove as great as the smart paper feature turned out to be. 

Progressive delivery is something I personally didn’t need, but it’s pretty convenient for those who want a thesis or some other lengthy work. No matter how well-rated the site is, you don’t want to wait a month and then find out that something is wrong and the writer needs two more weeks to fix it. To avoid that, you can get the paper part by part and look at each small bit to see if everything’s fine.

Pros and Cons

I’ve had a really nice experience with EasyEssay, but that doesn’t mean this service is completely flawless. Still, there are definitely more good sides than bad ones about it, so let’s look at the most important pros.

  • Good prices, excellent quality. Any college or even high school student who comes asking, “write my essay,” will find that they can pay a moderate amount of money and get the above-average results. That’s the main purpose of the site, and it lives up to the expectations.
  • Flexibility and personalization. This goes for every significant detail. The form shown on the screenshot below offers you almost every conceivable paper type, and you can still select “other” and write the custom kind of text you require. You can also give the writer all the details about how the text should look and they’ll complete that.
  • Great safety standards. The site explains how its team protects your money and data alike. There are four main guarantees I’ll describe a bit later. 

The issues I’ve discovered aren’t big but they still exist. For example, I couldn’t choose the writer because I didn’t order essays from any experts working for Easy Essay before. It made me a little nervous, but everything turned out fine in the end.

It’s also possible that the system won’t be able to find a writer to complete your task. It might be due to issues with instructions or simply because what you’re asking for isn’t within the range of services. According to independent reviews, it doesn’t happen often, but it’s best to always double check your guidelines.

EasyEssay Writers

easyessay writers

Each expert working for EasyEssay.us has a category based on their rating, so you can select the best available, advanced, or a top-10 essay writer. Of course, better quality will definitely be worth more money.

I didn’t have the opportunity to test all of these ranks, but I went for the standard option just to see how well they could do. I was pretty impressed because the paper I received was very well written, although I understand that it can get even better. Next time, I’ll definitely hire an advanced writer because they have better capacities, although their services aren’t as cheap as the standard option. You can also pay extra money to get a native speaker, meaning that your expert will come from an English-speaking state. 


If you want to buy an essay and get a really good one, you’ll have to pay a fair sum. Still, the prices that EasyEssay offers aren’t too high and, most importantly, they’re flexible. I’ve attached the screenshot showing that a longer deadline can make your paper more affordable than you could hope. Obviously, ordering in advance pays off with this site. 

The clients who are getting academic help for the first time also get a 20% discount, which was very pleasant for me. There are also some seasonal and limited offers that give you a promo code you can use when the time is right. This bit is similar to most sites that sell goods or services.

EasyEssay.us review: Guarantees

I always check if my rights are protected before ordering a paper. EasyEssay has got us covered there. Their no-plagiarism guarantee ensures you’ll get a fully original paper. Furthermore, this company offers a free revision if your instructions weren’t followed. I also like their refund policy that states that you’re getting the best and largest percentage possible back if you’re dissatisfied. Finally, there’s a privacy assurance that your phone number and email will be safe with this online service. That may seem standard, but it’s really important for me and many other users.

Customer Support

easyessay support

I’ve tried contacting the support team of EasyEssay and I can say that it’s really awesome. They provide services 24/7, their explanations are clear, and they can easily answer any questions that arise while using the website. It’s also cool that you can choose to call or text them, and they’ll answer in the convenient form. I felt that I could trust those people and rely on them, which is important, especially when you’re the new client. Here are several reviews by other customers posted on the site. You can read the rest of them here.

As you can see, this organization posts real testimonials with topics and disciplines, and those comments from customers coincide with my opinion. 

Is EasyEssay.us Legit or Scam

So, we’ve come to the main question of this review. After interacting with that service as a customer, I won’t hesitate to answer honestly.

EasyEssay, is it legit or scam? This is a completely legit service. Here you can get quality papers for moderate prices and be sure about your security. Moreover, this site has a coupon system and a helpful support team.

Easyessay reviews: Conclusion

My personal experience and the research I conducted prove that the site Easy Essay deserves an 8.2/10 score. The quality is great and the prices aren’t very high. In addition, there are pleasant discounts that help students economize while the friendly support team is always ready to help if something feels too complex. Add-ons come for extra money, but those can be really helpful if you have to include visual aids or deeply understand the task.

However, some of the factors made my personal rating lower than it could’ve been. For example, I wasn’t able to choose a writer for myself and had to trust the EasyEssay team to find the right expert. Despite this unpleasant element, I was completely satisfied with the paper they’ve provided to me, and the testimonies show that I’m not the only one who liked this site. That means I’ll probably order from them again if there’s a need, and I’m sure this service won’t let me down.


Is easyessay.us legit?
Yes, easyessay.us is a legit website that has been existing for learning purposes for more than 12 years. It has proven its ability to give outstanding and fast help for a long time, so you can count on them when it comes to outstanding writing assistance.
Is easyessay.us reliable?
Yes, easyessay.us is reliable. They almost always complete their orders on time, and most customers admit their satisfaction with the results and quality. From what we’ve noticed, the service also views its dedication to quality seriously, so you won’t need to worry about that as well.
Is easyessay.us a scam?
No, easyessay.us isn’t a scam, and it has proven its professionalism. Our own experience with this service and the feedback from the customers has shown that it’s a real service that gets money for outstanding assistance.
Is easyessay.us safe?
Yes, easyessay.us is safe. From the moment you visit their website to the time you leave it, you are guaranteed to have their help and support. We’ve checked the payment process and the data use policy, and we can say that everything’s clear and cut. No need to worry.
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