How to Write a Personal Statement to Reach Your Aims?

Every student goes through tough challenges several times during study time. Most learners face those nightmares more frequently. For example, learners are busy with writing a personal statement and this task merely kills their hopes for success. This is a specific piece of writing, which is also called a CV or resume. This is a pretty short, but crucial piece of writing. Its main mission is to convince the admission committee that you should be accepted to a certain educational institution. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service or briefly UCAS, which regulates the application process in the UK, claims that a personal statement is a compulsory document. Its importance is huge because it tells admissions a lot about the abilities, skills, and desires of a concrete applicant. You should also know that another goal of a personal statement may be related to your employment. Your employer would like to learn more about your education, practice, skills, hobbies, and so on. If you write it properly, you may the job you want. Not all students are masters at writing this short essay. That’s why most of them use the help of at least one custom writing service. As there are many good examples of custom agencies, it may be hard to define which one suits you better. That’s why you need to investigate this case to define the best custom platform in your niche.

Define the Goal

Firstly, define the main purpose of your personal statement or CV. Is it a document for a scholarship, an application to enter a university, or find a job? Let’s focus on getting into a higher education institution. You need to convince the admission committee that you can be a great asset to the development of the university. To connect your abilities and aims to the university’s aims, learn as much as you can about it. Pay attention to its:
  • History
  • Customs
  • Traditions
  • Principles
  • Academic goals, etc.
Check your own talents and decide how your essay would show that you fit the standards of the selected institution.

Reveal Yourself

This paper is about you. Accordingly, the main focus is dedicated to your desires, needs, hopes, talents, and so on. When you write this piece, you should write 3 major parts. They are similar to any essay – the introduction, main plot, and conclusion. Yet, the main plot is divided differently. It focuses on several essentials related to you. Every paragraph reveals the following points about your personality:
  • Academic achievements and skills
  • Habits and hobbies
  • Personal views and beliefs
  • Educational and career goals
You should be yourself in this essay and tell your true story. Do not write about things that never happened to you. This data can be easily checked. Your honesty will be visible on the paper.

Brush Up the Text

When you’re done with the writing stage, take one day to clear your head. Return to the text the other day to revise it. Thus, your head will be refreshed to reassess what you’ve written to correct what must be corrected. It’s better to reread it twice or thrice in various ways. The common ways to do this aloud and in your head. Another great method is to read from the last line back to the first one. As this method is uncommon, it will take more time to get through the text. Yet, the slow pace helps to focus on the text longer and thus detect all errors, weak argumentation, and other possible drawbacks.

Thank Them

You should never forget about leaving your gratitude to the members of the admission committee. Do not forget that there are hundreds and thousands of other applicants. Every essay will be read, and the members will be exhausted at the end. Therefore, finish your personal statement with short gratitude and hopes that you will be accepted.

Write Several Samples

One sample isn’t enough to confirm your success. It’s better to write several essays and apply to various colleges and universities. Thus, you increase your chance to be accepted by some of them. As various institutions may have quite different demands for CVs, be sure to check all the format, structure, and other features.


A personal statement must be taken seriously if you want to reach your aims. Be sure to figure out all the demands and connect your talents to the expectations of the one who will read them. Follow our tips to reach success.
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