How Can You Avoid Plagiarism to Get the Most Out of Your Papers?

While students try to write their essays and other projects properly, they may face all kinds of learning impediments. They all may make students suffer and fulfill tasks for too long. At times, students seem to cope with their papers pretty fast, but they cannot get most of them because of plagiarism. Yes, the issue of plagiarism is critical for any paper you research. When you do that, you cannot simply copy and paste the ideas, thoughts, findings, and concepts of other authors. You can only paraphrase or quote according to the assigned writing style. When you plagiarize any scientific paper, you violate general rules and thus lose all possible grades. That’s why you need to learn how to avoid plagiarism. One of the ways is to use the help of writing platforms. Nonetheless, it cannot be a perfect solution. You ought to learn how to avoid it on your own. Our comprehensive guide explains how to reach that aim. Read on to learn significant tips.

Know What Is Outdated

Firstly, you need to be aware of the probably overused and outdated phrases and expressions. This knowledge comes with experience. You are supposed to write regularly, as well as read a lot. When you spot the same phrases and expressions too often, you should know that they will be probably plagiarized when the checkup is finished. Memorize them and think about how to substitute them with original analogs.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Secondly, be sure to widen your active vocabulary. You may be using overused words and phrases. At times, your unique lexicon gets overused too. You need to keep an eye on how many entries of the same expressions you use in all your texts. If you repeat them all the time long without substitutions, the uniqueness of your texts will steadily lower. Develop a habit of learning at least 10 new words every day. It’s better to learn something new from various subjects. Thus, you will know the appropriate lexicon on various spheres to quickly adjust them to your papers and topics.

Stay Original

Thirdly, you need to use your creative skills to the fullest. Avoid repetitions and the same ideas in your projects. You need to reveal your creativity and impress your readers. Try various approaches that differ from the boring ways to describe the same concepts. Such projects always win and are never identified as plagiarized texts. Every time you are busy with a new project, think about how to describe it from a new angle. Talk to your inner self and put yourself in your reader’s shoes. How would you like this or that topic to be disclosed to you? Take into account various types of personalities to guess their desires. It could help to overcome boredom.

Quote or Paraphrase the Most Significant Expressions

At times, you simply cannot omit definite outcomes of research or expressions of other authors. You need to mention them because the whole project depends on those findings. Thus, you can insert them as direct quotations. Just be sure they are inserted according to the assigned academic writing style – APA, MLA, Chicago, or others. When you insert citations, pay attention to the peculiarities of the style. Your title page and references must be suited to it. The problem with citations lies in their numbers. You cannot use more than 1-2 citations per 500 words in an essay or another assignment type – lab report, thesis, case study, and others. If you cannot use direct citations anymore, you should simply paraphrase them. Tell the same statement in other words. This is a great solution because you can add many thoughts of other authors. Be sure you paraphrase comprehensively for an ordinary reader.

Use at Least One Plagiarism Checker

You may likewise use one of those smart machines that can recognize any form of plagiarism. Thus, Turnitin is a reliable plagiarism checker that helps to define any signs of non-unique content. It scans the Internet to define any possible matches of other authors with your text. Its system of detection is very sensitive and identifies all non-unique elements. Once you see that something is plagiarized, remove it from the text. It helps to prevent the loss of many crucial grades. Yet, one plagiarism checker may not be able to stop plagiarism in all cases. At times, it works with bugs and cannot detect what elements must be avoided. To reduce such bugs, we recommend trying 2-3 checkers of different developers.

Wrapping Up

The issue of plagiarism cannot be ignored. If you do that and plagiarize others, your work will be worth nothing. Be sure you know how plagiarism can be avoided to get the highest grades for your academic projects.
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