Meet the Best Essay Writing Tools for Students

Students can help themselves in many ways to reach their academic aims. They all need to read and practice a lot. They need to compile relevant experiences to find out how to write all those essays, research papers, lab reports, book reviews, case studies, and other pieces of writing. Yet, the process of completing their academic projects consumes a lot of time and there is no guarantee that everything is done perfectly. This is when students should use technology to check their works and get instant tips on writing, editing, etc. There are a lot of tools for learners. They help to control a lot of processes and fulfill various functions. Some tools provide editing tips and others check grammar. There are even special apps to visit writing sites similar to in a blink of an eye. We have written this informative overview to present the best essay tools for students.

Grammar Checkers

Problems with grammar are widely spread among most learners. Even when the topic is disclosed uniquely and creatively, everything gets spoiled when your text is infested with grammar errors. To be sure everything is alight, use a grammar-checking app, such as Grammarly. Apps of this type are very informative and helpful. For example, you can try Grammarly which is the best of its kind for many consecutive years. It scans the text in 15-30 seconds and underlines the next errors:
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Word choice
  • Punctuation
  • Stylistics
It likewise shows corrections. You only need to click on them to check if you agree with them. You should know that this or other tools may not understand everything a typer wants to say. That is why you need to check suggestions and never accept them blindly. Grammarly also offers the functions of a plagiarism checker. You can use it for free or try a premium version with additional data and tips.

Digital Organizers

Many students run out of time often because they aren’t good planners. They simply cannot outline their working hours reasonably. This is when you can make use of Evernote or other great digital organizers. It helps to:
  • Outline short- and long-term aims
  • Set reminders and deadlines
  • Add headers and descriptions
  • Take instant screenshots
  • Share files with other users.

Plagiarism Checkers

No scientific paper can be plagiarized. Even the simplest essay falls under this law. If you plagiarize someone else, the entire project will not be accepted. That is why you’d better use at least one good plagiarism checker to detect plagiarized elements and eliminate them from your texts. It is, however, better to use 2-3 checkers to be sure the first one didn’t miss plagiarism. The bugs are quite possible.

Citation Generators

Students have to format the title pages and other pages according to the assigned style. It also shows how citations must be inserted. There are various styles – Chicago, APA, AMA, Harvard, MLA, and others. They have a lot in common, as well as multiple differences. If you mess up the rules, your citing and referencing may be incorrect. The right citation generator shows how to run things smoothly. Thus, you can utilize a citation paraphraser. A paraphrasing tool shows how to change the direct citation so that it wasn’t used in that way. You can shape it according to the meaning you put in it without violating the author’s rights.

Digital Editors

The flow or readability of your text is crucial as well. Your texts are expected to be easy and interesting to read. A good online editor may help to sufficiently elevate the readability of the most boring or complicated topics. It will help every writer to avoid possible pitfalls, especially when he or she doesn’t realize he/she makes mistakes. A good digital editor shows the following drawbacks:
  • Overuse of the passive voice
  • Overuse of adjectives
  • Overuse of adverbs
  • Too long sentences
  • Sentences that are too hard to understand
  • Words with simpler analogs
  • Words with simpler meanings and so on.

Topic Generators

Another free software you may use is a good topic generator, such as HubSpot. Even the best writers may not be able to start just because they lack ideas about a definite issue or industry. Thanks to a good topic generator, this issue can be avoided. Just type several keywords and enjoy about 10-20 ideas related to it. Select the most appealing and research it.


Technology really helps us to become better, faster, and more productive if it is applied correctly. We have highlighted the best representatives of various types of learning apps. Try each of them to be sure you understand how they work and which ones can suit your learning needs. They help to write all your papers much faster and more correctly to reach the maximum result.
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