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- SANDRA LAVOREL, MATTHEW J . COLLOFF, SUE McINTYRE, MICHAEL D. DOHERTY, HELEN T. MURPHY, DANIEL J. METCALFE, MICHAEL DUNLOP, RICHARD J. WILLIAMS, RUSSELL M. WISE and KRISTEN J . WILLIAMS. (2014) Ecological mechanisms underpinning climate adaptation services. Global Change Biology, doi: 10.1111/gcb.12689 ->Read the PDF

- ROLAND HASIBEDER, LUCIA FUCHSLUEGER, ANDREAS RICHTER and MICHAEL BAHN (2014). Summer drought alters carbon allocation to roots and root respiration in mountain grassland. New Phytologist 205:1117–1127 ->Read the PDF




- MARINA KOHLER, CAROLINE DEVAUX, KARL GRIGULIS, GEORG LEITINGER, SANDRA LAVOREL and ULRIKE TAPPEINER  (2017) Plant functional assemblages as indicators of the resilience ofgrassland ecosystem service provision. Ecological Indicators 73; 118–127 ->Read the PDF

- MARKUS SCHERMER, IKA DARNHOFER, KAROLINE DAUGSTED, MARINE GABILLET, SANDRA LAVOREL and MELANIE STIENBACHER (2016). Institutional impacts on the resilience of mountain grasslands: an analysis based on three European case studies. Land Use Policy 52: 382–391 ->Read the PDF

- LEONITH HINOJOSA, CLAUDE NAPOLEON, MICHEL MOULERY, ERIC LAMBIN (2016). The “mountain effect” in the abandonment of grasslands: Insights from the French Southern Alps. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 221 (2016) 115–124 ->Read the PDF

- Work Package 4 country and case study reports - these reports form part of the outputs of WP4 and are available as PDF files below:
    - Country report for France
    - Country report for Austria
    - Country report for Norway
    - Case study report, Lautaret
    - Case study report, Stubai Valley
    - Case study report, Oppdal


  - Schirpke, U. Kohler, M. Leitinger, G. Fontana, V. Tasser, E. and Tappeiner, U. (2017) Future impacts of changing land-use and climate on ecosystem services of mountain grassland and their resilience. Ecosystem Services 26 (2017) 79–94 ->Read the PDF

- Darnhofer, I., Schermer, M. Steinbacher, M., Gabillet, M., and Daugstad, K. (2017) Preserving permanent mountain grasslands in Western Europe: Why are promising approaches not implemented more widely? Land Use Policy 68: 306–315 ->Read the PDF

- Lavorel, S., Grigulis, K., Leitinger, G., Kohler, M., Schirpke, U. and Tappeiner, U. (2017) Historical trajectories in land use pattern and grassland ecosystem services in two European alpine landscapes. Reg Environ Change. DOI 10.1007/s10113-017-1207-4 ->Read the PDF

- Legay, N., Piton, G., Arnoldi, C., Bernard, L.,Binet, M-N., Mouhamadou, B. Pommier, T., Lavorel, S., Foulquier, A. and  & Clément, J-C. (2017) Soil legacy effects of climatic stress, management and plant functional composition on microbial communities influence the response of Lolium perenne to a new drought event. Plant Soil; DOI 10.1007/s11104-017-3403-x ->Read the PDF

- Ingrisch, J., Karlowsky, S., Anadon-Rosell, A., Hasibeder, R., Konig, A., Augusti, A., Gleixner, G. and Bahn, M. 2017. Land Use Alters the Drought Responses of Productivity and CO2 Fluxes in Mountain Grassland. Ecosystems. DOI: 10.1007/s10021-017-0178-0 ->Read the PDF

- Anadon-Rosell, A., Hasibeder, R., Palacio, S., Mayr, S., Ingrisch, J., Ninota, J., Nogués, S., Bahn, M. 2017. Short-term carbon allocation dynamics in subalpine dwarf shrubs and their responses to experimental summer drought. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 141 : 92–102 ->Read the PDF

- Karlowsky, S., Augusti, A., Ingrisch, J., Hasibeder, R., Lange, M., Lavorel, S., Bahn, M., and Gleixner, G. 2017. Land use in mountain grasslands alters drought response and recovery of carbon allocation and plant-microbial interactions. Journal of Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2745.12910 ->Read the PDF

- Kohler, M., Stotten, R., Steinbacher, M., Leitinger, G., Tasser, E., Schirpke, U., Tappeiner, U., and Schermer, M. 2017. Participative Spatial Scenario Analysis for Alpine Ecosystems. Environmental Management. DOI 10.1007/s00267-017-0903-7 ->Read the PDF


- Ingrisch, J., and Bahn, M.(2018) Towards a comparable quantification of resilience. TREE. 2357: 1–9 ->Read the PDF

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