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Oppdal, Norway

The study area in Norway is the mountain community of Oppdal. Oppdal is located in Sør-Trøndelag county, 119 km from the nearest city of Trondheim which is the regional administrative center. Oppdal municipality covers 2 271 km² and has 6 691 inhabitants. The area of the municipality ranges from 550 m above sea level to the highest mountain peak at 1985m. 95% of the area is higher than 600 m.

Oppdal is a farming community with 11.7% of the working force employed in agriculture. This is a high percentage compared to the national average of 3%. Other main sectors of employment are industry with 19.1%, tourism with 18% and health/social service with 13.5%.

Oppdal is the largest sheep-farming municipality in the country: in the summer of 2012 about 45 000 sheep were sent to pastures in the mountains of Oppdal. There are 250 farms with livestock in the municipality. Animal husbandry with grazing on infield areas and on un-cultivated and un-fertilized pastures in high-lying areas has formed a cultural landscape with high biodiversity regarding species conditioned by culture. Short-distance transhumance (seterbruk) has a long tradition in Oppdal and a fair share of the farms with milk production take the livestock to the seasonal dwellings in the mountain areas during the summer months. The cultural landscapes formed by grazing in Oppdal are targeted by a number of agri-environmental schemes. 55% of the land area of the municipality is under nature protection in the form of national park or protected landscapes. For the latter category landscapes formed by grazing is included.

Oppdal landscape
Oppdal farm landscape

Oppdal sheep
Sheep grazing in Oppdal

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