REGARDS – REsilience of marginal GrAsslands and biodiveRsity management Decision Support

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University of Innsbruck, Austria (UIBK - Ecology)

The University of Innsbruck ecology group at the Institute of Ecology of the University of Innsbruck focuses on effects of global changes (changes in management and land-use, climate changes) on mountain ecosystems (esp. alpine grasslands) at various temporal and spatial scales ranging from the ecosystem to landscape levels. Research topics include energy, water, carbon and nutrient budgets in combination with plant (functional) biodiversity and ecophysiology, as well as plant-soil interactions. Trace gas and energy flux studies linking the ecosystem and the atmosphere combine in situ measurements and modelling. More applied ecological research of the UIBK group focuses on ecosystem services and sustainable development as well as on environmental accounting and sustainability monitoring, incorporating links to socio-economic research.

The University of Innsbruck ecology group manages the Stubai Valley research site.

Staff involved
•    Ulrike Tappeiner, Prof., ulrike.tappeiner(at)
•    Michael Bahn, Associate Prof., michael.bahn(at)
•    Georg Leitinger, Assistant Prof., georg.leitinger(at)
•    Uta Schirpke, Post-doc, uta.schirpke(at)
•    Johannes Ingrisch, PhD, johannes.ingrisch(at)
•    Marina Kohler, PhD, marina.kohler(at)

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